UK: Liberal MP Proposes Separating Civil, Religious Marriage

Written by scott on April 6th, 2013

UK MP Greg MulhollandOne of the United Kingdom’s Liberal Democrat Members of Parliament is proposing severing the link between civil and religious marriage in an amendment to the marriage equality bill. Pink News reports:

According to the Evening Standard, the amendment tabled by Mr Mulholland would repeal the 1949 Marriage Act and the 2004 Civil Partnerships Act, remove clauses in the 1973 Matrimonial Causes Act for the ending of marriages on the grounds of adultery or non-consummation, and would ban religious ceremonies from state marriages carried out by civil registrars. The amendment will face intense opposition from MPs. However, Mr Mulholland argues that separating state and religious marriage is the only way to ensure equality and freedom of religion.

Hmmm… what do y’all think? I’m not sure whether this would be a good or a bad thing…

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  1. Lucinda says:

    It will be interesting to see if it goes anywhere. It is the same old argument about whether or not the government should be in the business of granting marriage licenses. I think this idea proposed for the UK would lead to all kinds of confusion. Are you civil married or religious married or both???

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