Uruguay: Lower House Approves Amended Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on April 10th, 2013

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This just in – after passing a marriage equality bill and sending it to the Senate, where it was amended, the Lower House again passed the marriage equality bill, which now goes to the President for a signature. Gay Star News reports:

Uruguay’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, has made history today (10 April) when it voted to legalize gay marriage. A majority of deputies voted for 92 while 71 against. This means that Uruguay has effectively legalized marriage equality, as both chambers of the General Assembly, the upper house (Senate) and lower house have now voted for the bill by an overwhelming majority. Uruguay’s government will implement the law in no more than 90 days, during which, according to deputy Jose Bayardi, some ‘drafting errors’ that occurred in the Senate will be corrected.

This comes just a day after France’s Senate voted for the first article of the marriage equality bill, and a week before the South American country of Colombia’s legislature is due to vote on the issue. Uruguay is the second country to approve marriage equality in South America, after Argentina.


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  1. Correction: 71 voted in favor, out of 92 who voted. There are only 99 total members in the Chamber of Deputies

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