Uruguay: One More House Vote Needed for Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on April 3rd, 2013
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When the Uruguay Senate passed the marriage equality bill, we thought it was a done deal. But the Senate made some changes, so the House needs to re-approve it. The details from Queerty:

Oddly enough, one of the sticking points was deciding whose last name would go first–Latin countries almost always require parents to give their children two last names, with the father’s traditionally coming first.

The law also offers some new benefits to straight couples:

The law–which will shore up rules for adoption and in-vitro fertilization–is also a boon to straight couples: It alters Uruguay’s divorce laws to allow men to end a marriage without specific grounds. (In 1912, the country passed legislation that allowed only women to file for a no-fault divorce, as a means of equalizing the balance of power.)

We’re so close!


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  1. Brad Allison says:

    I am here in Uruguay right now with my binational fiancée and I was a bit disheartened by the fact that the United States was celebrating this. I was trying to tell people that this is not the law of the land yet. More than likely, yes it will be. But for me the celebrations were like celebrating the death of DOMA right now.

  2. scott says:

    I agree – the reports all made it seem like it was a done deal – we didn’t hear about it having to go back to the House until today. Stay strong.

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