USA: A Map to Go With that New Marriage Equality Poll

Written by scott on April 8th, 2013

Remember that new state-by-state marriage equality poll we told you about yesterday from UCLA? Queerty has a map to go with it, showing each state’s numbers:


Despite increased support for same-sex marriage across the country, research revealed a 31% disparity between the lowest level of support found in a state (Louisiana/Arkansas, 31%) and the highest (Washington, D.C., 62%).

The worst states are pretty consistenly across the south, with the exception of Utah (which is Mormon ground zero). And one of the states with one of the highest levels of support, Oregon, still doesn’t have marriage equality. Though that may change soon.

It’s also interesting that California’s pegged at just 50%, when a recent poll put support there showed support at 67%.

Still, it’s encouraging.


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