USA: Catholic Priest on Fox Says Gays Are Oppressing Catholics

Written by scott on April 4th, 2013

you tube bigEven though recent polls (like last month) show that 62% of US Catholics actually support marriage equality, there was a Catholic Priest on (where else) Fox News, saying his people are being oppressed by the gays. Oppressed, I tell you! reports:

“They used to want to debate the merits of gay marriage. Now, they simply want to assert that this is the only rational and Christian thing to do, and historic Christianity and the Catholic Church says absolutely not. There’s no such thing as gay marriage. You can name something marriage. It’s not that. But, instead of debating me on that, they want to say, ‘You’re a bigot. You’re equal to a racist. You’re equal to an anti-feminist’ and all the rest, and I say, hold on, that’s not the reality at all. We love everyone, including sinners of all types, but we don’t tell the sinner, well, you’d like to have a legal recognition for your relationship, go ahead and have it. We don’t do that.”

So what he’s saying is that it’s fine, really, to oppress the gays, because they’re not at all the same kind of minority as the blacks or the women. And how dare they be upset about it?


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