USA: Could Supreme Court Ruling on DOMA Derail Immigration Reform?

Written by scott on April 16th, 2013

Defense of Marriage ActAs Congress debates immigration reform, the US Supreme Court ruling on DOMA could throw a wrench in the works. The Sacramento Bee reports:

If the court rejects a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies same-sex married couples federal benefits, the matter is moot. Gay and lesbian couples then should receive the same immigration benefits as opposite-sex couples. But if the court upholds the act, there will be more pressure from advocacy groups on President Barack Obama and members of Congress to add same-sex benefits to the pending immigration proposal. However, many conservative supporters of overhauling immigration – including conservative Roman Catholics and evangelicals – have warned that they might pull their support if same-sex marriage is in the package.

Court watchers think it’s highly unlikely that the US Supreme Court will uphold Section 3 of DOMA, but you never know what the court might do. Especially this court.


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  1. Robert says:

    DOMA will be struck down. No doubt about it…

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