USA: Which Senate Dems Still Oppose Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on April 8th, 2013

After the rush of Senate Democrats (and two Republicans) who endorsed marriage equality over the last two weeks, four Democrats remain. Queerty reports:

Pryor has gone on the record as opposing gay marriage, though he says he is undecided on “whether federal benefits should be available to gay couples.” Landrieu, on the other hand, told CNN that though she personally supports gay marriage, “the people of Louisiana have made clear that marriage in our state is restricted to one man and one woman.” Despite these holdouts, the Senate still has a majority of 53 gay marriage supporters.

51 down, four to go.



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  1. Tom Stark says:

    to the ones that are holding out. Sen. Mark Pryor, Sen. Tim Johnson, Sen. Joe Manchin, & Sen. Mary Landrieu. Just remember there are gays that voted you into office, You don’t step up to bandwagon and get on board. Your going to be left out in the cold during the election. We do have a big stronghold in the voting arena. We don’t forget things like this. and you will be voted out. Gay marriage has nothing to do with religion. Marriage is a right of everyone. To Sen, Landrieu remember go back 60 years and you wouldn’t even be talking in government let alone being heard at home about politics. you were nothing. NO RIGHTS NO NOTHING. you were to be a wife and nothing else but to bare children. so just remember that thinking about rights.

  2. Dr Larry Schlatter says:

    I’d love to know more about the Democratic holdouts. Are they really Republicans in disguise? I lived in Iowa when that state finally got same sex marriage, and the whole state threw a party, in every small town.

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