USA: Which States Still Ban Sodomy?

Written by scott on April 10th, 2013

Ten years ago, the US Supreme Court declared sodomy laws invalid, but 14 states still have them on the books. Think Progress reports:

As Dana Liebelson reports, however, 14 states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books nearly a decade after the Supreme Court declared them unconstitutional. These include four states — Montana, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas — which specifically outlaw gay sex, in addition to ten other states outlawing oral or anal sex between any two partners. In 2011, Tim Murphy mapped this out.

Are they hoping that these laws will one day come back into fashion, like skinny ties or bell-bottom jeans?



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  1. tom stark says:

    but its ok for their catholic preist to screw the choir boys and get away with it. It’s ok for Fathers to molest their daughters and son’s. It’s alright for mothers to take advantage of their son’s when they are in the change. But a gay person that doesn’t hurt or harm anyone they have a problem with. That’s religion for ya. Religion telling everyone we are wrong when a straight couple can’t even stay married after having a child because they say they have difference. when you just told each other in front of a preist TILL DEATH DO YOU PART. but that means nothing after 2-5 years down the road. but gays have been together for 5-10-20-even 40 years and we still are looked down on. Some people really need to get a grip and back the hell off the religious wagon and think with their own minds.

  2. Fr. Ronald D. Low, S.J., PhD, D.D. ( retired ) says:

    AMEN.. !!!!! You preach it brother! The truth has never been more liberating and full.

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