Utah, USA: Senator Orrin Hatch Proposes National Civil Unions Bill to Block Marriage Equality

Written by scott on April 8th, 2013

Utah Senator Orrin HatchUtah’s Republican Senator Orin Hatch is proposing legalizing civil unions nationwide for gays and lesbians. Joe.My.God reports:

In an interview with a Utah radio station, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) suggested that legalizing civil unions would be a great way to ward off the national advent of same-sex marriage. “I’ll say this, I do believe this could be solved greatly by a civil-union law that would give gay people the same rights as married people,” said Hatch, who mentioned hospital visitations and tax benefits. “I think we can solve this problem without undermining the very basis of marital law in our country.”

Funny how this has never been on the table until now, when we are in sight of winning full marriage equality. It’s a typical pattern for marriage equality opponents… after each battle is lost, retrench with a new fall-back position. They’re trying the same tactic up in Minnesota.

But sooner or later, full equality will come.

Obe small light at the end of this particular tunnel:

Hatch also told the station that he does not believe people choose to be gay, but that he “draws the line on traditional marriage.”

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  1. Tjay Chase says:

    No Civil Union and Domestic partnerships are downplaying what true marriage means. Two people who love one another commit to Marriage a word that means union.

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