Virginia, USA: Attorney General Candidate Mark Herring Supports Marriage Equality and LGBT Rights

Written by scott on April 6th, 2013

Mark Herring, Virginia Attorney General CandidateVirginia is famous for its hugely anti-gay attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, who has tried to force VA colleges to drop LGBT rights provisions, among many other things. Now his democratic challenger is speaking out on LGBT rights. The Washington Blade reports:

The Democratic state senator who represents portions of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties said during a conference call that he would adopt a non-discrimination policy in the Attorney General’s office that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. Herring also stressed he would support boards of visitors of the commonwealth’s public colleges and universities’ efforts to ban anti-gay discrimination against their employees and students — current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in 2010 recommended these institutions remove LGBT-specific provisions from their non-discrimination policies.


Herring, who also supports marriage rights for same-sex couples, said he would work with advocates to end what he described as Virginia’s discriminatory adoption and foster care policies to ensure “placement decisions are always based on the best interests of the child and that no child in Virginia is denied a loving home.”

What a contrast between the two candidates – one is a GOP far-right conservative who never met an anti-gay measure he didn’t like; the other supports the LGBT community in ways both large and small.

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