Washington, USA: Gay Couple Sues Florist Who Refused to Provide Wedding Flowers

Written by scott on April 18th, 2013

WashingtonOn the heels of a lawsuit filed by the state Attorney General, a gay couple is also suing Arlene’s Flowers after the florist turned them away because they are gay. Edge Boston reports:

The lawsuit is in response to a March 1 incident in which Barronelle Stutzman refused to provide flowers for Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed’s wedding, despite the two men being longtime patrons of her shop – Arlene’s Flowers and Gifts in Richland, about 200 miles southeast of Seattle… “The refusal to sell flowers to the couple is a disturbing reminder of the unequal treatment that gay men and women have experienced over the years,” said ACLU of Washington legal director Sarah Dunne in a statement. “When a business serves the general public, the business owner’s religious beliefs may not be used to justify discrimination.”

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