What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying – Thursday Edition

Written by scott on April 11th, 2013

What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying - Thursday EditionIt’s back! Our every coupla days summary of the crazy things gay marriage and LGBT rights opponents are saying.

Today, we start with Montana Rep. Dave Hagstrom, who spoke during the hearing on repealing Montana’s sodomy law. He called gays “deviate” (need to brush up on a little vocabulary?) and insisted it wasn’t a slur, because pens retract, or something. Towleroad.com reports:

“I don’t think that homosexual sex is necessarily not deviate. Bad word? Deviate simply means it’s not normal, it’s not typical….This pen has two purposes. The first purpose, of course, is to write. The second purpose is to retract, so that it doesn’t leave a stain on your shirt or your purse. So it has two purposes, but one is primary and the other is secondary. To me, sex’s primary purpose is to produce people, that’s why we’re all here. Sex that doesn’t produce people is deviate. That doesn’t mean that it’s a problem. It just means it’s not doing its primary purpose. So I’m just speaking to the bill and I encourage people to vote red.”

Next, we move on to American Family Association head Bryan Fischer, who issued a dire warning to the GOP about gay marriage. On Top Magazine reports:

“…it would be a major mistake for the leadership of the Republican Party to stick their finger in the wind, think they know which way the wind is blowing, and then wind up with nobody following them. That would be an absolute catastrophe. It would be total suicide for the Republican Party [to] abandon these core values. They would be finished as a political force in America.”

Whereas their current path is going so, so well.

Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins is taking on the lawsuit against a Washington State florist who refused service to a gay couple for their wedding. Joe.My.God reports:

“In Eastern Washington, religious hostility is in full bloom. Just ask Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers. After a longtime business relationship with an openly gay customer, Stutzman now finds herself in Benton County Superior Court fighting for her rights.Leading up to last November’s election, when Washington State voted to legalize same-sex ‘marriage,’ supporters argued that redefining marriage wouldn’t hurt anyone–that it was just about two people who love each other. Well, it may be about two people who love each other, but it’s also about the florists, the bakers, the candlestick makers, and everyone else the Left wants to force to endorse their relationship!”

And the Raw Story reports that Perkins also went after MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry, using her statement that we all needed to make sure kids got the edhcation they needed as a springboard to complain about marriage equality.

“And the reality is we have decades of social science that children do best with a mom and a dad who love them, who are married and care for them,” Perkins continued. “Moving away from that notion — which the left would love to do — will be devastating society. I think there’s this liberal ideology driving this that children are a product of, ‘Yeah, so they happen right now to come from a man and a woman but they belong to all of us.'”

And finally, Pam’s House Blend shares this nasty anti gay music video “Livin’ Outside God’s Word (warning, it’s a real piece of work, insinuating that marriage equality leads to AIDS):

You ever notice how those who create anti-gay music videos are in most need of a stereotypical gay music lover and coordinator? Presented with MANY apologies.


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