What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying – Thursday Edition

Written by scott on April 4th, 2013

you tube bigOur semi-regular round-up of the crazy shit the anti gay forces are saying. Let’s start with Family Research Institute’s Paul Cameron. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Cameron, whose “research” has been used by numerous Religious Right groups and was cited recently in an essay promoted by RNC committeeman and Michigan Republican lawmaker Dave Agema, told the National Press Club today that around one in four gay men have sex with children “as part of their sexual repertoire.” He asserted that “parents are very leery about having their children sleep over or have homosexuals’ children sleep over with their children, they just don’t know what’s going to happen.”

A Seventh Day Adventist Pastor, Mat Staver, bemoaned the end of the country if marriage equality becomes a reality. Pink News reports:

Seventh Day Adventist pastor, Mat Staver, claimed that, if the US Supreme Court rules that equal marriage for gay and lesbian couples is a constitutional right, it would be “the beginning of the end of America”… He went on to say that legalising equal marriage would be a “major disruption to society” in the US, and that it would be “the beginning of the end of America.”

And Newt Gingrich sees the issue tearing the GOP apart. Yahoo news reports:

“The Republican Party is going to be torn on this issue. The bulk of the party is going to be very resistant and is very supportive of traditional marriage, and parts of the party are going to flake off. Parties do that,” Gingrich told a group of reporters at a breakfast meeting at National Review magazine’s Washington, D.C., office. “The country is gradually evolving. The country is thinking this thing through. It creates complexities.”

Of the three, surprisingly, Gingrich sounds actually reasonable. But we’re still reeling over Jeremy irons’ “sons will marry fathers” comments!


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