What Marriage Equality Supporters Are Saying – 4/15/13

Written by scott on April 15th, 2013

Suze Orman BookHere’s our latest installment of the things our allies are saying. Let’s start with Suze Orman. The Washington Blade reports:

CNBC host Suze Orman on Monday said the Defense of Marriage Act “unnecessarily” costs gays and lesbians millions of dollars. “The social and civil discrimination that goes on when it comes to gay marriage is absolutely inexcusable,” she said. “The financial discrimination just really really adds injury to insult.”… “For many people that are in my situation, it is absolutely ridiculous that upon my death K.T. is going to have to pay estate tax on the majority of my estate and I’m going to have to pay estate tax on the majority of her estate,” Orman said. “If we were married and recognized on a federal level, we would not owe one penny.”

Spiderman’s Andrew Garfield smacked down foes of marriage equality. Gay Star News reports:

In an interview with The Times, the 29-year-old Amazing Spiderman actor said: ‘Of course I’m in favor of marriage equality. Same-sex couples should have the same rights as anybody else. ‘There is no argument against equality. How can anyone argue against compassion and understanding?’

And On Top Magazine reports that Julie Chen and Larry King think marriage equality will be the law of the land in the US within four years:

“The Supreme Court currently is talking two major issues: Gay marriage and the protection in marriage law which [President Bill] Clinton signed and now is against. What are your views? Or how do you think it’s going to go?” King asked. “I think gay marriage will become legal in this country in a matter of less than four years,” Chen answered. “I agree,” King said. “The flow is coming, right?”


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