Zambia: After Four Gay Couples Tried to Marry, Tribal Chiefs Call for Gays to Be Caged

Written by scott on April 7th, 2013

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Talk about extreme prejudice – some tribal chieftans are calling for gays to be put in cages. Gay Star News reports:

Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni and Chief Shakumbila of Mumbwa wrote to the Zambia Daily Mail to condemn LGBT people after it reported that four mixed national same-sex couples had sought to have their marriages recognized by a state registrar earlier this month. ‘It is not a culture of Zambians, Africans and Ngonis to practice homosexuality and gay people should be caged,’ Chief Madzimawe told the newspaper.

Crossing Zambia off my travel list.


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  1. Trevor Mac donald says:

    He needs to check some historical facts first. How two same sex people loving each other affects the lives of others is beyond me. If you don’t want a “gay” marriage, don’t get one.

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