Alaska, USA: Fighting for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 1st, 2013

Alaska Gay Rights BillThe marriage equality fight is spreading to places where only bans had been discussed before. Juneau Empire looks at the couples fighting the battle in the State’s capital:

For decades, there have been fights to have basic rights and protections, from the Stonewall riots to the Prop 8 and DOMA cases before the Supreme Court today — and even at the local level, Juneau residents patiently fight and wait while civil rights history happens — or doesn’t. But there’s more hope today than ever before that these rights will be granted.

The article profiles several local couples:

In 1998, Alaskans voted on Proposition 2, to amend the state’s constitution to limit marriage. Sara and others in the community had seen progress in acceptance in the community prior to that amendment, how did she feel with that step backward? “That feel word… I don’t usually cry at interviews…” Sara said. “It was hard, it was discouraging, and it was so pointless because if you think of the civil rights movement, and I think of this as a civil right, I have three sisters and why do they have rights under the law that I don’t have — it doesn’t seem right.”

Marguerite Lauri Crawford and Kimberly Hubbard Crawford married last August. They held their ceremony in the courtyard of Dimond Courthouse, in front of the Capitol. “I feel like I wasn’t willing to wait until they recognize it, because there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever come to their senses and this is when we wanted to get married, so regardless of what the law stated, we were going to,” Marguerite said. “I refuse to be told who I can and cannot marry,” Kimberly said. “Countries think they have a right to tell a person who they can and cannot marry, and I wasn’t about to wait for it. I didn’t feel at the time, a year ago, that we were even close to getting there.”

Marriage equality stories coming out of Alaska, Texas, even China – what an amazing time we are living in.

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