Arizona, USA: Surprising Poll Shows 55% Support Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 15th, 2013

titleIn a state that’s been hijacked by conservatives over the last few years (I should know – I used to live there) – there’s a surprising new poll out on gay marriage. Pink News reports:

The poll found that 55% of Arizonans were in favour of equal marriage, with 35% opposed and 10% were unsure. Voters most in favour of such a measure were women, Latinos, liberals, moderates, Independents, Democrats, and voters under the age of 55. Republicans in the state were divided over the issue, with 36% in favour and 53% opposed. The poll found that out of those who identify as conservative, 41% supported and 51% opposed equal marriage.

With republicans firmly in control of the legislature and the governorship, marriage equality legislation has a snowball’s chance in hell of passing right now, but still, it’s nice to know. And legislatures change.

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