Australia: Former Labour PM Paul Rudd Now Supports Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 20th, 2013

Sydney, AustraliaAustralia’s former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who stood in the way of marriage equality while in office, made an about-face on the issue today. reports:

Australian former PM Kevin Rudd, who opposed a 2009 amendment while in office that would have paved the way for marriage equality, declared today that he has changed his mind in a lengthy post on his blog. Said Rudd, in part: “I have come to the conclusion that church and state can have different positions and practices on the question of same sex marriage. I believe the secular Australian state should be able to recognise same sex marriage. I also believe that this change should legally exempt religious institutions from any requirement to change their historic position and practice that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman. For me, this change in position has come about as a result of a lot of reflection, over a long period of time, including conversations with good people grappling with deep questions of life, sexuality and faith.”

Great news – I just wish more of these guys would make this leap while in office, when they could still have an actual impact on the process.

And another former politician says the nation’s ban on marriage equality is hurting business. Gay Star News reports:

Former senator Brian Greig said that Australia’s resistance to legalizing gay marriage is preventing much-need skilled workers from immigrating there. ‘Our nation’s increasing isolation on this matter is impacting recruitment and employment mobility,’ wrote Greig in an editorial for Sydney Morning Herald. ‘By putting up a legislative wall around our island nation our parliament has created a fortress of intolerance that is repelling needed workers.’

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  1. Vasi says:

    Rid article badly needs correction. Paul Rudd is an actor, *Kevin* Rudd is the former PM. Moreover, he’s from the Labour Party, which is on the left, not conservative.

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