Australia: Greens Push for Marriage Equality Vote Ahead of Elections

Written by scott on May 9th, 2013

Sydney, Australia Opera HouseThere may be another vote on the marriage equality bill in Australia next month. Gay Star News reports:

The Greens party in Australia are pushing for another vote on same-sex marriage before the general election in September. Greens MP and deputy leader Adam Bandt is campaigning for his Marriage Equality Amendment Bill to be voted on in the House of Representative on 6 June… Whether Bandt’s bill will pass depends if opposition leader Tony Abbott will allow his MPs to vote freely in a conscience vote, rather than as a block against legislation… But Bandt said that even if the bill doesn’t pass, it gives voters the chance to see how their MP goes on the issue in a real vote.

With a left-wing government in power and marriage equality still being blocked, who knows how long gay and lesbian Australians will have to wait? But hope springs eternal.

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