Colorado, USA: Civil Unions Begin Across the State

Written by scott on May 1st, 2013

Photo - One Colorado

Photo – One Colorado

In Colorado this morning, starting at midnight, couples begin receiving civil unions licenses. The Daily Camera reports from Boulder:

The Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office opened the second that Tuesday ticked over to Wednesday, the moment that Colorado’s civil union law went into effect. Nothing under the statute precludes people of opposite gender from also establishing such a partnership in the eyes of the state — but this was clearly a moment of huge significance for same-sex couples. “We have never waited for society to tell us what is right,” said Amy Zuckerman, as she and her partner, Ronica Roth, waited, eighth in line, to obtain their license. “We have always made the decisions that we felt confident were in the right direction for humanity. We’re happy that the state has granted us this opportunity, we’re thankful and grateful for all those who made this happen, and yet we are tonight acknowledging the work that is left undone.”

The Washington Post reports from the midnight ceremonies in Denver:

The statewide advocacy group One Colorado hosted the festivities, and the Denver clerk’s office remained open until 3 a.m. to issue civil union licenses to couples eager to take advantage of their rights under the new law. Couples were ushered into the clerk’s office in small groups. They filled out paperwork and received their certificate, a moment that for many came with a quick kiss, a squeeze of hands or a few tears. Signed certificates in hand, couples were then joined in official ceremonies performed before supporters and other couples in the atrium of the Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building.

We are genuinely thrilled for the gay and lesbian couples Colorado today. Now, onward to full marriage equality?

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