Dixie Chicks Singer: “I’m Pro-Gay Marriage”

Written by scott on May 11th, 2013

Dixie ChicksNatalie Maines, singer with the Dixie Chicks, says she’s a progressive who supports marriage equaity. Pink News reports:

Speaking to USA today, the singer who is currently releasing her first solo-album, said she was more liberal that people had assumed in the past, and that she was a long-time supporter of the gay community. “I’m pro-gay marriage. Pro-gay everything,” she said. “I’m pro-choice. I’m liberal on every social aspect, probably. More liberal than people would even believe.”

Maines and her bandmates drew conservative fire for criticizing president Bush during a concert in the UK in 2003, so her progressive views are not a huge surprise. But they are welcome nonetheless.


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