Europe: New Rainbow Map Shows How Gay Friendly (or Not) European Countries Are

Written by scott on May 16th, 2013

Europe Rainbow MapA European gay rights group has released a new map scoring each country for its gay friendly policies. Joe.My.God reports:

ILGA-Europe has issued its annual overview of LGBT rights. Although it does not yet have full marriage equality, the United Kingdom received the highest rating of the 49 nations in the report, earning a 77% score. Russia got the lowest score at 7%. Via Pink News: Among the EU member states causing major concern are Hungary and Greece. The report notes that the economic crisis in Greece has given a platform to extremist groups, such as the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, who target minority groups including LGBT activists.

Interesting that the UK gets the highest score, despite not having yet passed a marriage equality bill.

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  1. someoe says:

    Bullshit.Denmark was the first out of the Scandinavian countries to recognize gay marriage, it took it three and four years to legalize it, after Norway and Sweden, why is it 57% compared to Norway’s 66% and Sweden’s 65%?

  2. Tie says:

    The map is out of date, Ireland voted in a considerable majority to legalise gay marriage by public referendum

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