Former Pastor Affirms Support for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 6th, 2013

A former pastor-turned-author has reaffirmed his support for gays and marriage equality in the church. Crossmap reports:

In a recent interview on Premier Christian Radio, author Rob Bell affirmed his stance that homosexuality should be embraced in the church… The former pastor, who founded Christian megachurch Mars Hill Bible Church, has received widespread criticism from evangelical Christians for his unorthodox stance on the issue of homosexuality. In light of the surrounding controversy, Bell reiterated in his interview that the church should embrace the shift in cultural attitudes towards the LGBT community. “Some people are gay and want to share their life with someone and they should be able to,” Bell said. “That’s how the world is and we should affirm that. We should affirm monogamy, fidelity and commitment – both gay and straight.”

More and more christians are realizing that gays aren’t the enemy, and that we deserve the same rights as everyone else.


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