France: Marriage Equality Bill Approved by Constitutional Court

Written by scott on May 17th, 2013

Paris, FranceAnd France becomes the next country to pass marriage equality – the President could sign it into law as soon as today, and gays and lesbians might start marrying by next month. reports:

France’s Constitutional Council has approved the marriage equality bill, denying a challenge from opposition groups, and the measure is now set to become law, The Local reports: France made history on April 23 when it became the 14th country to vote gay marriage into law but opposition UMP deputies referred the bill to the Council, which has the right to throw it out if it is against the country’s constitution. However “les sages” as the council members are known has suggested they would not intervene with the wishes of parliament and on Friday they stuck to their word.

We’re over the moon for our gay and lesbian friends in France. UK, are you next?

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