Illinois, USA: Is House Marriage Equality Vote Coming This Week?

Written by scott on May 1st, 2013

IllinoisLegislators are back in Springfield this week, leading to speculation that the marriage equality bill may finally get a vote in the State House. GoPride reports:

Legislators have returned to Springfield this week, and numerous activists are asking whether this could be the week that the House will vote to make Illinois the 10th state permitting same-sex marriage. The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act passed the House Executive Committee in a narrow 6-5 vote Feb. 26, and the full state Senate Feb. 14. Should the legislation pass the House, the bill’s passage is all but guaranteed. Gov. Pat Quinn has long assured marriage equality advocates that he will sign the legislation, and today told Windy City Times that he thought the vote was close. “We’ve been talking to house members of both parties, really dozens of them,” Quinn said. “I’m really optimistic we’re within striking distance. Hopefully between now and the 31st of May, Greg Harris, our sponsor, will find a moment to call the bill for a roll call.”

It’s important that the LGBT community ad our allies continue to contact their legislators to push for a yes vote in the state. Along with Rhode Island and Delaware, let’s go three for three!

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