Illinois, USA: Push for Marriage Equality Intensifies

Written by scott on May 13th, 2013

Illinois mapNow that marriage equality has passed in nearby Minnesota, the pressure is on in Illinois. Go Pride reports:

“It is our time,” said Bernard Cherkasov, CEO of Equality Illinois, the state’s oldest and largest advocacy organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voters. “Gay and lesbian couples in Illinois and their families deserve to be recognized. If the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in June, as expected, and Illinois doesn’t recognize the freedom to marry now, then Illinois families will be further harmed.”

And the Huffington Post reports on new pro-gay marriage robocalls by NAACCP alum Julian Bond and gay ally and football player Brandon Ayanbedejo:

A round of pro-gay robocalls expected to go out Monday are answering back to anti-marriage equality messages the socially conservative National Organization For Marriage sent around the state less than two weeks earlier. The latest round of calls call for a “yes” vote on Senate Bill 10 and feature civil rights leader Julian Bond and former Chicago Bears player Brendon Ayanbadejo, the Sun-Times reports. The calls are expected to go out in the districts of Illinois House Black Caucus members. “It’s time to take those steps once again in Illinois. We need to let the world know that Illinois accepts all people regardless of who they love,” Ayanbedejo, an Illinois native, says in the call.

Just two and a half weeks left in the legislative session…


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