Italy: 54% Support Marriage Equality, Poll Says

Written by scott on May 15th, 2013

titleA majority of Italians now support marriage equality. The Huffington Post reports (original is in Italian):

54% of Italians favor marriage between people of the same sex: the poll was conducted by the research institution Datamonitor. The poll also showed that a large majority are also against gay adoption. The percent in favor of marriage equality has grown since the last survey, in May of 2012, that showed that 53.4% approved. 43.2% of Italians are against marriage equality, vs. 44.2% in May of last year.

Regarding the possibility of gay adoption, 77.1% think it should not be a possibility (vs. 77.5% in 2012), and only 20.5% are in favor – an improvement over last year’s 19.8%. The survey was taken nationally on December 10th, 2012, via telephone, with a sample of 4,561 individuals.

Sadly, the new Prime Minister just put the kibosh on a modest civil unions proposal.

Thanks to Linda Giovanna Zambanini for bringing this to our attention!

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