Michigan, USA: Catholics Who Support Marriage Equality Defy Bishop, Take Communion

Written by scott on May 2nd, 2013

Catholic ChurchDetroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron told state Catholics last month that they should avoid taking Communion if they support marriage equality. But gay marriage supporters are not going down easily. USA Today reports:

Tom Nelson and Linda Karle-Nelson, lifelong Catholics, are the parents of gay adult children who are in committed relationships. At mass Sunday, Nelson and Karle-Nelson received communion. And they intend to do so again this weekend, even after Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron’s statements in April that Catholics who support gay unions or marriage should abstain from receiving communion. “He’s not going to keep me from the Eucharist,” said Nelson, 83, a retired engineer from Farmington Hills, Mich. “Somebody’s got to stand up and say, ‘Enough.’ “

Recent polls have shown that more than 60% of American Catholics support marriage equality, putting the Church out of step with its members.

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  1. Please help us. go check out the website

  2. Fr. Ronald D. Low, S.J., PhD, D.D. ( retired ) says:

    Most of us recovering Ex-Catholics have known for a century the the Church has been out of step with reality. And certainly not headed by God, but rather the ridiculous Usurpership of the Papacy, which just a mere mortal with ignorant mentality of existential dreams of gradure. That being rested in their own belief that they are infallible and the last authority in the church. why do you think that the “Church” is failing so wickedly? And I quote… ” a house divided against itself cannot stand. ” What more poignant proof does anyone with a sound mind, and a true heart need in evidence? The so called ” Church “, in particular the Roman Catholic Church… is not only out of step, it is outside the bounds of true reality.
    since when does a mere man, a Bishopric in particular take on the role of Judge, Jury, and Executioner via the edict that anyone should ” avoid ” partaking in the communion of the body and blood of Christ in Eucharist! this is a rather archaic and self indulgent notion given the reality of the institution of its sanctity was in fa

  3. Fr. Ronald D. Low, S.J., PhD, D.D. ( retired ) says:

    … forgive my mis placement of typing fingers… I continue my thought here.

    ” …. given the fact that the institution of the Eucharist was established and commanded in our Savior’s own words that we do this as often as we drink it and partake of his body that we do this in remember since of Him. ” that is not an area any mortal man can or should interfere with. It is outside the bounds of given authority. That authority having been usurped more than once in it’s overstepped bounds by not just mere clergy, but most directly and indulgently by the so-called “Pope” ! this nstitution is not an office ordained through Christ, but rather ordained by men who diluded themselves in believing they had the authority to do so. Christ himself said… he called “Peter the Apostle… yet another mere man, … the rock upon which he would build the church” . Nothing more!!! Blatant usurped control over your fellow man, has been the legacy of this self proclaimed Papacy… !!! in my heart of hearts… this is a tumultuous and “Cardinal Sin” … to use the vernacular! You have condemned yourelves in the sins you’ve already committed by thinking you can deceive the Holy Spirit… just as thought Annanias and Sapphira in their deceits ! You too shall be swept from this life. Amen, and AMEN !

  4. Fr. Ronald D. Low, S.J., PhD, D.D. ( retired ) says:

    those of you with the soundness of mind, will follow my thought despite my fumble fingers. And I pray, will find the freedom in your own heart to know the truth of what I’ve had to say to you here by the Holy Spirit bearing its witness of the truth to your soul.

    I do not hate or beleaguer the church or it’s leadership, but rather hope it will reconcile itself to The Lord they vowed to in service of the body of Christ, His Church… if you will.


    Ex-Rev. Fr. R. D. Low

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