Michigan, USA: New Poll Shows Massive Increase in Marriage Equality Support

Written by scott on May 15th, 2013

titleJust nine years ago, only 24% of Michiganders supported marriage equality. Now that number has jumped to 57%. The Detroit News reports:

Support for same-sex marriage has increased to 56.8 percent, up 12.5 percentage points from last year — movement fueled largely by shifting opinions from Republicans and independents, the poll of 600 registered voters by the Glengariff Group Inc. showed. The support is in contrast to 2004, when Michigan voters approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

What’s more surprising to me is the fact that the shift mostly came from “Republicans and independents” – usually the movement in the past has been fueld by independents and democrats. Don’t suppose the GOP legislature and Governor Rock Snyder wanna pass a marriage equality bill?

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  1. Linda Zambanini says:

    Support up 12.5 percent from last year! This is similar to the recently reported astronomical increase in support for Marriage Equality in Pennsylvania in the last year: 14%. The national average increase in support was 5% per year the last I heard but this may be trending upward!

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