Minnesota, USA: Pastor Who Performed First Gay Wedding Speaks Out

Written by scott on May 17th, 2013

Pastor_Who_Performed_1971_Gay_Marriage_Reflects_Back-104921In what may have been the first gay wedding ever performed in the US, a Minnesota Pastor made history in 1971. Now he talks about it in the wake of the passage of marriage equality in the state. KSTP reports:

On a September day in 1971, Pastor Roger Lynn was quite aware that what he was about to do was big. “I knew it was and they were very clear about that. It was the first gay marriage in modern history,” Lynn said. Jack Baker and Michael McConnell wanted to get married in Minneapolis. Their original pastor had dropped out, so Pastor Roger Lynn stepped in. “They loved each other, they had every reason to be married, to live together in a committed relationship, and I was excited and honored to be a part of that,” Lynn said.

“When I pronounced them husband and husband, and they kissed, I just had this tremendous sense of, wow, this is really different. Kind of, it was shocking to me, because it was different. And really challenged me to come to terms with my own innate homophobia, which I did,” Lynn said. Jack Baker and Michael McConnell are still together in what Lynn calls one of his more successful marriages.

I wonder if the couple plans to marry again, this time with the full blessing of the state?

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