New Jersey, USA: What’s Holding Up Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on May 17th, 2013

New JerseySo most of the states around New Jersey (with the exception of Pennsylvania) now have full marriage equality. What’s holding it up in the Garden State? Several things, as reports:

Sixty-two percent of the 800 poll respondents are in favor of same-sex marriage approvals, the poll indicated… If the same-sex marriage question were put to voters, Weingart said New Jersey would say “yes.” Political complications, though, are holding it back. “The other possibility is the Democrats say, ‘forget you, governor. We’re going to put it on the ballot,'” Weingart added. Christie has already said he would put marriage equality to the voters. State House Democrats fought the referendum arguing civil rights should not be put to voters.

Part of this is a very understandable reluctance to put our civil rights up for a public vote. The alternative?

Senate President Stephen Sweeney said Tuesday it’s “shameful” for New Jersey to fall behind other states on the issue of marriage equality. Before this legislative term is over, Sweeney plans to put marriage equality back on the Senate agenda for a vote to override the governor’s veto. Weingart expects Republicans to hold the line with the governor and defeat the override attempt. “An override vote will certainly fail,” he said. “If Christie vetoes, (Republicans) hold the line with the veto.”

So what do you think? Should NJ send marriage equality to a public vote, or should they wait for either a larger Democratic majority or the next governor? Democrats really blew it when they failed to pass the bill during the lame-duck session in late 2009, before Christie became governor.

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  1. MK says:

    Democrats including Sweeney really blew it when they had the chance. So hypocritical for him to castigate Christie when the present situation is his fault.

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