New Jersey, USA: When Will the State Embrace Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on May 13th, 2013

New Jersey Governor Cris ChristieAs marriage equality comes to Delaware and Rhode Island, there’s an almost unbroken line of states along the Atlantic Coast that now recognizes gay marriage. Then there’s Jersey. Pam’s House Blend reports:

The New Jersey state legislature passed a marriage equality bill in February, 2012. Gov. Christie vetoed it immediately. Since the bill wasn’t passed by a veto-proof majority, the race is on to secure 12 additional votes in the House and 3 in the Senate before the legislative session ends in January, 2014. This may be possible if Gov. Christie, who is known for enforcing party discipline, allows Republican legislators to vote their conscience. It would be in his best interest to do so, because he’s giving himself and New Jersey a retrograde reputation.

It’s time to bring pressure to bear on Christie to allow marriage equality to go forward in New Jersey.

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