Ohio, USA: Democratic Party Endorses Repeal of Ban on Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 9th, 2013

OhioThe Democrats in Ohio decided to endorse marriage equality and the repeal of the state’s gay marriage ban. On Top Magazine reports:

In an email to supporters, the party asked, “Isn’t it time that we make Ohio the 12th state to embrace equality?” a reference to the recent passage of a marriage bill in Delaware. The organization also unveiled a fundraising campaign revolving around the issue.

Remember when the ban was George Bush’s number one weapon to win Ohio in 2004 and thus to win the nation? How the times have changed.

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  1. Ian Cescu says:

    I have started a petition to repeal Issue 1, the gay marriage ban in Ohio. A link to it can be found on my website http://ohio4equality.webnode.com. I ask all Ohio citizens who believe in equality to add their name to this petition.

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