Oregon, USA: New Poll Shows Plurality Supports Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 2nd, 2013

titleMore people support marriage equality than don’t up in Oregon, but it’s still a little too close for my tastes (having gone thru Prop 8 where we started at something like 56% to 42% and still lost it in the end). Equality on Trial reports:

Voters in Oregon favor marriage equality, though the number is still below 50 percent. 49 percent are supportive, with 42 percent in opposition. Oregon’s constitution was amended in 2004 to limit marriage to opposite-sex couples only, and there will be an effort in 2014 to repeal that amendment and replace it with one permitting same-sex couples to marry. As Daily Kos pointed out, the 2014 initiative is 18 months away, and voters were asked if they favor “changing the Oregon constitution” – a formulation that could make some people uncomfortable.

If Prop 8 is really overturned by the US Supreme Court and this initiative passes in Oregon, the whole West Coast would recognize marriage equality by the end of next year. What a beautiful dream.

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