Written by scott on May 3rd, 2013

Gay Wedding - HandsThe latest in our series of things anti-gay folks are saying. We’ll start with a report from Think Progress:

Opponents of LGBT equality often speak in prepared statements, but in private, their rhetoric is much more candid. This week, blogger Jeremy Hooper had the chance to see just how vile they can be. There is an email list of over seventy social conservatives that allows them to coordinate with each other, and in their own company, the anti-gay rhetoric apparently flows quite freely. This became a concern for Alan Chambers of the ex-gay group Exodus International, an organization that has moved away from its harsher past of claiming to “cure” homosexuality — so much so that Chambers added Hooper to the list so he could see just what was being said.

A sampling:

Jeremy, Your utter rebellion against your creator, and your efforts to encourage others to join in your rebellion are sins and crimes of the highest order. If you call yourself a Christian, you are twice the son of Hell.

Adult-consensual incest is also a particularly perverse form of sexual practice since it involves sex with someone who is too much of a familial same. But Scripture treats homosexual practice as even more severely unnatural because the male-female requirement for sexual relations is foundational for all that follows (so Genesis and Jesus) and because sex or gender is a more constituent feature of sexual behavior than kinship.

When they say “love the sinner, hate the sin,” the REALLY hate the sin.

Think Progress also reports that Rush Limbaugh called for tolerence – for bigots:

Folks, I grew up in a family where people’s sexual orientation, preferences, whatever, weren’t even discussed. Why can’t everybody just put your sexual preferences on Facebook and call it a day? What do we need to stop everything and have a national day of celebration, or mourning (depending on your point of view), or recognition or whatever about this? This tolerance, it only goes one way. So Person X of some national stature announces his sexual orientation as gay, and applause! It’s a great day for America. We’re really taking giant leaps ahead. If anybody says, “You know, I’m not big on that,” it’s, “You bigot! You racist! You extremist. You homophobe.” There is no tolerance at all here. Not only do these people have to publicly announce it, but everybody else has to applaud and accept it.

NOM’s Brian Brown doesn’t see a rising tide for marriage equality. On Top Magazine reports:

“In Delaware, it’s going to be a tough fight and I think it’s going to be a close vote.”… In Illinois “they would have called the bill if they had the votes,” Brown said of a proposed measure in the state… “I think we have a very good chance of winning in Minnesota,” he said, referring to a bill in the state which awaits action in both legislative chambers.

Whatsay we prove him wrong on all three counts.

Black minister and NOM ally Ken Hutcherson thinks that Satan loves newly out NBA player Jason Collins. Joe.My.God reports:

The enemy has impeccable timing. Collins is being used as a pawn, in the most dangerous game of Russian roulette for his soul. Have you ever noticed that those who support the gay agenda don’t like Christians in sports, entertainment, or media? They really don’t like us anywhere at all. Let’s take Tim Tebow as a classic example. Tebow was asked to keep his beliefs quietly to himself, while Collins is celebrated for the ‘heroism’ displayed for exposing his off-court activities.

How does he know what Satan is planning? Things that make you go hmmmm…

Wingnut Alan Keyes is chiming in on the Boy Scouts, as Joe.My.God reports:

“The latest proposal for ending the BSA’s ban on homosexual participation in Scouting is a strategic ploy. What is most disturbing is that it uses the young participants in the Scouting movement as cannon fodder in the battle against the natural family. Some youngsters will be positioned to draw other youngsters into situations where, because they react against sexual advances according to the moral precepts of the faith of their fathers, they will be viciously accused of unrighteous bigotry. Or else their vulnerable adolescent emotions will impel them to betray the tenets of conscience derived from their faith, and slip into a whirlpool of compulsive sensual indulgence, moral guilt and spiritual confusion.”

Yeah, we’re back to that old canard – that gay sex is just so amazingly fantastic that poor straight folks can’t resist it. Does Keyes speak from experience?


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