Written by scott on May 8th, 2013

Our regular feature – what anti-gay folks are saying about us. Let’s start with wingnut Eugene Delguadio and his revelation of the FCC”s secret gay-porn plan. Joe.My.God reports:

“The FCC now has announced they plan to immediately allow the broadcast of explicit acts of sodomy, perversion and the use of curse words to FURTHER destroy our culture. The FCC proposes they become a Federal Porn Agency and that all TV stations be ‘allowed’ (i.e. forced) to broadcast language supporting porn, homosexual acts and other perversions all hours of the day and night. Please join me in demanding Congress freeze all funding and all nominations to the FCC board and to conduct hearings to stop this or to alternatively change the legal name of the FCC to Federal Gay Porn Agency.”

FGPA – hey, it’s kinda catchy! 🙂

Another regular in this column, Bryan Fischer, says the gays crashed the economy. Pink News reports:

US Christian radio host Bryan Fischer, has weighed in on media attention surrounding the apology of a Harvard professor who claimed that a famed economist was selfish because he was bisexual, to say that the “pro-sodomy gestapo” would be responsible for the “collapse of the Western economy… “He could care less about the future of his economic policy on his children because he didn’t have any, because he was gay. He was homosexual. He couldn’t procreate. So he didn’t care about the impact of his economic philosophy on the generation immediately following him, or the generation to come after them. “His philosophy was get it now, and if it feels good, do it. He was a narcissist he was a hedonist, and he was a homosexual. So this short-sighted philosophy, that’s why it’s all ‘spend it now’.” He went on to compare the gay rights movement to fraudulent financial transactions, and said that it would be the downfall of the West.

Wow. I mean, just wow. We’ve been accused of powering entire hurricanes and earthquakes before, but rarely do we get the power to bring down the entirety of Western Civilization. Who knew?

Over at Pam’s House Blend, they’re profiling one of the creepier things posted in the NOM blog comments section:

It’s always fascinating to Google the names of children in the grips of same-sex couples. You’ll be surprised at how much information there is about them, despite their guardians’ attempts to keep it a secret. You might even find the names of their real parents. Try it sometime. Of course, the opposition is too afraid to do so.

you tube bigAnd we’re the ones who are dangerous to children?

And finally, predictably, in the wake of passage of the marriage equality bill in Delaware, the local anti-gay group is airing its own sour grapes. Think Progress reports:

Nicole Theis, president of the Delaware Family Policy Council, said changing the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples will have broad, untold consequences for society. “It won’t stop here. Making marriage genderless changes the way government views parents. You can expect all government’s forms to reflect this. You can also expect further attacks on gender, probably even this session,” she said, alluding to a proposal that has not yet been filed that would extend nondiscrimination laws to cover transgender individuals.

Only in these folks’ little minds can protecting someone from discrimination be turned around to be an “attack on gender”. Just like the “war on Christmas” and the need to “defend marriage.” In other words, “if you don’t agree with me and let me control how you live your life, you are attacking me and I am the victim.” Sorry, folks – this line’s wearing a bit thin.


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