Written by scott on May 10th, 2013

you tube bigOur semi-regular round-up of the crazy (and often unintentionally hilarious) things that anti-gay folks are saying about marriage equality and the LGBT community.

We’ll start with Iowa’s Bob Vander Plaats, one of the top opponents of marriage equality in Iowa. Joe.My.God reports that he thunks it will be repealed. Eventually. Maybe. Watch the clip:

NOM’s Brian Brown is at it again… after having recently predicted defeats for mariage equality in Delaware and Minnesota, he now thinks Senators Rob Portman and Mark Kirk will be pushed out for supporting marriage equality. On Top Magazine reports:

“They need to be primaried, period. I think that folks in Ohio, if Rob Portman decides to run again, he will be primaried. He may not run again because there’s been such a backlash in his state, and I think the same is true of Mark Kirk,” said Brown.

But let’s face it, The National Organization for Marriage hasn’t exactly had a stellar record lately when making predictions.

The next one comes from the “oh no, they didn’t” file. A conservative group is once again going after Glee. Pink News reports:

Collins writes: “Pity William McKinley. Our 25th president was a Civil War hero who successfully prosecuted the Spanish-American War and presided over a booming economy. For his trouble, he was assassinated. Adding insult to injury, he’s the namesake of The World’s Gayest High School. “It’s no secret that ‘Glee’ frequently and flamboyantly pushes a gay agenda. So many characters play for the other team it’s hard to believe that there’ll be any future generations of McKinley High students to mock the Bible and cheer on transgendered [sic] performers. But as this season prepares to wrap up this week, things are heating up on ‘Glee.’ Last week’s episode featured a particularly large dose of gay.”

Wow… never knew President McKInley had such a big fan club. And hey, World’s Gayest High School? Well, ok, maybe that’s not so far off the mark. ::: grin :::

One more for you, this one out of Singapore. Dot429 Magazine reports:

Once more, Singapore is showing its anti-LGBT colors, with a pastor delivering a sermon recently on the importance of heterosexual marriage and referring to the LGBT community as “diabolical.” “I believe that God has awakened to face one of the greatest attacks on the family by the evil one,’ said pastor Lawrence Khong of the Faith Community Baptist Church. Khong also lashed out at the LGBT movement, referring to it as the “onslaught of the evil one.”

Wow, “onslaught of the evil one.” Well, I guess if you define “onslaught” as the desire to get married, have the same rights as straight couples, raise kids, buy a house, and generally settle down, then I guess he’s right about that part. But who’s this “evil one”? Mark tells me I can be kind of a bitch in the morning when I first get up, but “evil one” is kind of pushing it… LOL


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