South Africa: Lesbian Couple Told to Break Up If They Want Their Son to Stay at Christian School

Written by scott on May 1st, 2013

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I thought Christianity promoted love and family? Apparently not in South Africa, where a Christian School is blackmailing a lesbian couple to force them to break up. Joe.My.God reports:

Legally married Samantha (27) and Kally Mabe (26) told The Star newspaper that they were called to a meeting with the principal of Secunda Highveld Christian School and were told their homosexuality was problematic. They were also accused of falsifying the information stating their sexual orientation in the school’s application letter. “We never hid the fact that (our son) has two mothers and I filled in my details under the section in the form that asks for mother’s details and Sam filled in the area that said ‘Father/Guardian’, but filled in her title as Mrs,” the boy’s biological mother Kally said. The couple was initially summoned to the meeting last month, after the child told the teacher he had two mothers. Later, another meeting was called with a pastor present. “The pastor said if they had known we were a lesbian couple, they would never have allowed our son in the school.”

What business does a school have meddling in a family’s private business?


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  1. Tom Dorsey says:

    South Africa is a beautiful country in many ways, but this kind of action is counter to the love of Christ.

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