Tennessee, USA: More on the Marriage Equality Poll

Written by scott on May 23rd, 2013

Tennessee PollYesterday, we reported that 49% of folks in Tennessee supported either civil unions or marriage equality. Now we have a little more into – of that 49%, only 32% supports full marriage equality. Think Progress reports:

A new poll from Vanderbilt University shows that support for legally recognizing same-sex couples continues to grow in Tennessee, but at rates slower than the rest of the country. A 49 percent plurality now support civil unions or marriage equality, while 46 percent remain opposed to both. Still, 62 percent believe that gays and lesbians should receive health insurance and other employee benefits for their partners, while only 31 percent oppose that idea.

You can tell it’s a red state because they still ask about civil unions support when they poll. That’s so 2005.

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