Texas, USA: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Calls Marriage Equality Resolution a “Misuse” of Time

Written by scott on May 1st, 2013

Dallas Mayor Mike RawlingsAs the Dallas city council prepares to vote on a marriage equality endorsement, the city’s mayor thinks it’s all a waste of time. The Dallas Voice reports:

Rawlings’ chief of staff told the Morning News that the mayor hadn’t read the resolution, even though he received a copy of it three weeks ago. Then, on Wednesday, Rawlings told The DMN’s Rudy Bush that while he personally supports marriage equality, he doesn’t think the council should debate political issues over which it has no power: “I don’t want to be talking about late-term abortions, or gun control, or GITMO,” he said. To do so is “a misuse of City Council time.”

Rawlings has also refused to join the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry… but great, he “personally” supports marriage equality.

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