Texas, USA: Dallas Set to Pass Marriage Equality Endorsement; Bills Pending in Legislature

Written by scott on May 1st, 2013

Dallas Councilman Scott GriggsDallas City Councilman Scott Groggs says he has the votes to pass a marriage equality resolution. The Dallas Voice reports:

Griggs has said he didn’t want to place the item on the agenda until he was sure it had the eight votes needed to pass. He told me Friday that in addition to the seven council members who’ve previously indicated support for the resolution, Sandy Greyson is now a yes. Greyson couldn’t immediately be reached to confirm her position. The other seven supporters are Griggs and co-author Delia Jasso, along with Angela Hunt, Pauline Medrano, Monica Alonzo, Jerry Allen and Dwaine Caraway.

The New York Times reports on a pair of marriage equality bills before the Texas legislature:

LIFE has been quiet in Paris — Paris, Texas, that is. Earlier this year, two bills for the legalization of gay marriage were submitted in the Texas legislature. While the odds for their passage are long, the passions they have aroused are slight. No boisterous anti-gay marriage demonstrations have wound past the local (65-foot-tall) Eiffel Tower, and the only red meat tossed around has been on backyard grills. In fact, all that our gun-toting governor, Rick Perry, could muster on the subject was a tepid: “In Texas, it is fairly clear about where this state stands on that issue.” Where Texans stand is not just further to the left than Perry believes — polls reveal that a majority of young Republicans support gay marriage — but also to the left of residents of the other Paris — the one in France.

As the article says, the odds of passage in Texas for a marriage equality bill are about zero with the GOP controlled legislature. But the fact that it’s even being debated in such a red state is nothing short of miraculous. The battle is now being fought in red-state territory in a positive way, as opposed to ten years ago when anti marriage equality bills were common in blue states.

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