Transgender Rights Update 5/22/13: Texas, Nevada

Written by scott on May 22nd, 2013

A few new stories to being you on the transgender rights front.

First, in Texas, a bill that would have potentially restricted the rights of transgender citizens to marry there was defeated. Dot429 reports:

But the bill, led by Senator Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels), did not pass the House Judiciary or Civil Jurisprudence Committee, who struck it down before it could reach the higher chambers. In order to gain access to marry, a transgender individual has to submit an affidavit of change in sex. The proposed bill would have created another hurdle for the transgender community. If the bill had passed, the affidavit would no longer be accepted as valid ID.

Good riddance to this discriminatory measure.

In Nevada, there’s some positive progress for trans rights. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Crimes that target transgender person because of their sexual identity now carry an extra penalty in Nevada. Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval signed SB139 into law Tuesday. The new law adds a person’s “gender identity or expression” to the list of motivating factors interpreted as a hate crime. Defendants face the penalties for the actual crime committed, and up to an additional 20 years in prison because the motivation.

Wow, first the attempt to repeal Nevada’s ban on marriage equality, then this – who do they think they are? Minnesota?

Finally, Suzan Revah has a great column in the advocate about the “T” in LGBT:

Even though I’ve been screaming about equal rights for LGBT people since I was a tweenage fag hag, I never imagined my fight for tolerance and acceptance would one day include waving the trans flag as my own. I’m a grown San Fransexual woman proudly living in a gay man’s world, but I’ve routinely overcome skepticism at best and discrimination at worst. I’m still taken aback by just how long the road ahead is for true freedom of sexuality, gender, and identity.

Read the whole thing at the link above.


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