UK: Defence Secretary Says There’s No Demand for Marriage Equality, PM Disagrees

Written by scott on May 17th, 2013

Big BenPink News reports – After Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said this:

“I have just never felt that this is what we should be focusing on. This change does redefine marriage. For millions and millions of people who are married, the meaning of marriage changes. There is a real sense of anger among many people who are married that any government thinks it has the ability to change the definition of an institution like marriage.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron rejected his criticism through a spokesperson:

“The prime minister thinks that the right process is being followed. The government has set out the legislative programme and it is the right one. The prime minister’s position is that he is a big believer in marriage, that’s why he thinks gay people should be able to get married too.”

Also, another MP accused opponents of trying to derail the bill through an amendment that would open up civil partnerships to straight couples. The Guardian reports:

“There is always a danger that some people who are moving some of the amendments are not seeking to be helpful but actually seeking to derail the bill and hiding behind superficial ‘helpfulness’. That is why Maria Miller has been very careful and cautious in saying: ‘You have raised some interesting points and perhaps we do need to look at this but this isn’t the right bill to do it. Let’s see what happens after the bill passes and come back once we have seen how things pan out’.”

And finally, Gay Star News reports that the Church of England feels there are sufficient religious protections in the bill:

A quadruple lock, which protects the Church of England as the state religion, states no religious organization or minister will be compelled to marry gay couples. It also will be unlawful for an individual to marry a gay couple if their organization has not ‘opted in’, the Equality Act will be amended so no discrimination claim can be brought in and the legislation will explicitly state it will be illegal for the Church of England and the Church in Wales to marry same-sex couples. In the briefing, the Church of England states: ‘We do not doubt the Government’s good intentions in seeking to leave each church and faith to reach its own view on same-sex marriage and offering provisions to protect them from discrimination challenges. ‘The ‘quadruple lock’ does, in our view, achieve the Government’s policy intentions in this area and we believe it is essential that the various locks in the Bill are preserved.’

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  1. J. Moore says:

    “For millions and millions of people who are married, the meaning of marriage changes.”

    What a crock of utter CRAP. How in the world would it change anyone’s marriage, or the meaning of it? HOW? Please explain that.

    The definition of “marriage” SHOULD BE “The legally binding union of two consenting adults who care deeply for each other and wish to spend their lives together.”

    The fact that gay couples want the same, EQUAL rights as heterosexual couples will not in ANY way pose a threat to heterosexuals or their marriages.

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