UK: Some Conservative Donors Threaten to Quit Party Over Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 26th, 2013

LondonPrime Minister David Cameron may lose some of his party’s donors over the marriage equality bill. Pink News reports:

The Conservative Party is facing more turmoil as some of its top donors have threatened to quit the party over issues such as equal marriage… The Sunday Times reports that three of the Tories’ top donors, who have donated millions of pounds combined, have protested the Government on the equal marriage bill, saying it should not have been a priority for the Conservative Party.

There’s also been a renewed push to get Cameron out:

In the face of a perceived threat from UKIP, Mr Cameron is being urged to pull out of the Coalition with the Liberal Democrats, at least a year ahead of the next general election in 2015. Suggesting that Mr Cameron may need to lead a minority government in order to save the party’s seats, one MP told the Times he would have to “choose between insisting on staying in the coalition and keeping his job,”

So far, Cameron has remained steadfast in his support of the marriage equality bill.

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