UK: Third Reading Vote Due Today on Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on May 21st, 2013

LondonHaving survived a contentious day of debates and amendments, the marriage equality bill will be debated on some more today before receiving a third reading and final vote in the House of Commons.

Pink News is liveblogging the event.

Marriage quality opponents are not happy, including Lord Tebbit, who said the Prime Minister had “fucked up” by pushing the marriage equality bill. Gay Star News reports:

Gays marrying will lead to a lesbian queen giving birth to a future monarch by artificial insemination, a former Tory chairman has warned. Lord Tebbit, 82, also told the Big Issue magazine the legislation in England and Wales could also allow him to marry his son to escape inheritance tax. The life peer, who said Downing Street has ‘fucked up’ by moving forward on the legislation, said he had challenged a minister about legalizing same-sex marriage at the same time as they ended the rule that a son has preference over a daughter when choosing the next monarch. ‘I said to a minister I know: have you thought this through? Because you’re doing the law of succession, too,’ Tebbit said.

A group of British church leaders has written a letter to the Telegraph forecasting negative effects on the country’s Christian youth. Christian Today reports:

“If the Bill passes into law without much clearer protections for freedom of speech and freedom of belief, teachers and public-sector workers will have to choose between their conscience and their career, as many will be deterred from a public-service career or from charity involvement. The Bill is supposed to be pro-marriage, pro-equality and pro-diversity, yet, as drafted, it is none of those things. There will be anger and sadness, and this Bill will cause pain for many, without tackling prejudice against the few. We, and many young people in our congregations, are concerned about the consequences if it is passed in its current state.”

I’m sure there will be much more to report later as the debate continues and the vote is taken.

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