USA: New Gallup Poll Shows Continued Majority Support for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 13th, 2013

titleA Gallup poll shows support for gay marriage at or above 50% for the third time. The Advocate reports:

For the third consecutive time, a public opinion poll by Gallup found support for same-sex marriage over the 50% threshold. The latest study, conducted in the first week of May, found that 53% of 1,535 respondents believe same-sex marriage should be legal nationwide, with 45% stating the opposite. Those numbers tied Gallup’s poll in May 2011, while a poll in November 2012 found 50% supported marriage equality and 48% reported opposition.

The Gallup website has more details:

Nearly all U.S. subgroups are more likely to favor gay marriage now than in the past. Politically, Democrats, independents, and liberals all show increasing support for gay marriage over time, with each well above the majority level now. Republicans, conservatives, and moderates are more likely to favor gay marriage now than in 1996, but the increase in support among these groups may have stalled. Thus, most of the increase in the percentage favoring legal gay marriage in the last three years has come among left-leaning groups politically.

Queerty has another interesting note about the survey:

But where the Gallup poll contributes some real insight is how those asked think the rest of the country feels about marriage equality. By a whopping 63%, the respondents think that most Americans oppose marriage equality. In other words, the majority thinks it’s the minority and doesn’t know otherwise. What accounts for the disconnect? As much as it might dismay pollsters, most Americans don’t spend their days lovingly reviewing public opinion surveys. The real question, though, is how tentative are people in expressing their beliefs if they think most people are against them. Could there be a drag on the momentum for marriage equality if the public think it’s still something only about a third of Americans support?



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