Venezuela On Track To Same Sex Marriage?

Written by scott on May 22nd, 2013

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Just got this from our friend Jose R. Merentes down in Venezuela:

On Wednesday, 22th several LGBT organisations and social movements, Base Lesbica (Lesbian Basis), Igualdad Venezuela (Equality Venezuela), Youth with Hugo Chavez and Union Afirmativa (Affirmative Union) presented before the Interior and Human Rights Commission at the Venezuela’s National Assembly a paper prepared by Union Afirmativa in order to include in the Civil Code same sex marriage.

The proposal was congratulated and welcomed by several official congressmen. Minutes after the proposal was presented, Elvis Amoroso, President of the Commission, through his Assistant, called Merentes and offered him to present the proposal before the Commission. Amoroso certainly wants to lead the proposal before the whole National Assembly.

The reform of the Civil Code in Venezuela was announced by Amoroso himself last year and is expected to start in 2014.

Could Venezuela be next?

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