Why I Will Not Stop Using the Term “Gay Marriage”

Written by scott on May 8th, 2013

Gay Wedding RingsWriting for PinkNews Murray Lipp, administrator of the Facebook page “Gay Marriage USA”, shares his views about the differences between the terms “gay marriage” and “marriage equality”.

1. Introduction

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about “gay marriage” and the issues associated with it. Being the administrator of “Gay Marriage USA” on Facebook I am daily discussing all manner of issues relating to same-sex marriage and noticing how people view and present the issue. When I started the page in 2011 on Facebook I made a very conscious decision to include the words “gay marriage” in the title in an effort to tap into the high recognition value that this term has. Clearly identifying and labeling a cause helps greatly in getting people to support it.

In the last two years, however, on a number of occasions people have asked me to either change the name of the page and/or to stop referring to the topic as “gay marriage” making comments such as: “it’s not gay marriage – it’s marriage” or “it’s not gay marriage – it’s marriage equality.”

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  1. John A. Leopard says:

    I understand the argument (the French even use the term “homo mariage”), but straights are more likely to support “marriage equality” than “gay marriage”. If you insist on using the term “gay marriage” you will not be helping the LGBT community as much as using the term “marriage equality”. Decide if your vanity and stubbornness is more important than legal victories.

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