Wisconsin, USA: Not Likely to Follow in Minnesota’s Footsteps on Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 16th, 2013

Wisconsin MapAfter the passage of marriage equality in Minnesota, some are wondering if Wisconsin could follow suit. Not likely any time soon. The Cap Times reports:

State government here remains under the control of leaders who championed the successful effort to constitutionally bar gay nuptials in 2006. In the seven years since then, Wisconsin Republicans have generally tried to avoid the topic, although Gov. Scott Walker and others have acknowledged the generational shift on the issue — and even suggested they may eventually surrender to it.

“I’ve had young people ask me I think an appropriate question, is not expanding it to include folks who are not one man and one woman but rather questioning why the government is sanctioning it in the first place,” Walker told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in March. Although in the same interview Walker reaffirmed his opposition to gay marriage, his suggestion that defining marriage may not be proper government business would have been an anathema in past years, when conservatives have argued that it is critical for government to endorse social institutions that support traditional families and lifestyles.

Walker’s not exactly a liberal – look at what he did to decimate unions, and to cut taxes for the rich in Wisconsin. Our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in the state may have a long wait for equality.

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