Arizona, USA: Bisbee City Council Gives Final Approval to Revised Civil Unions Ordinance

Written by scott on June 5th, 2013

Arizona mapAfter wrangling with the Arizona Atty. Gen. over its civil unions ordinance, Bisbee has approved its new version of the civil unions ordinance. reports:

In 30 days, the tiny southern Arizona community of Bisbee will become the first in the state to offer civil unions for same-sex couples. The Bisbee City Council on Tuesday night gave the ordinance final approval, voting 5-2 in favor. “It feels great,” said Councilman Gene Conners, who first proposed the idea earlier this year and has been among its strongest advocates… Bisbee’s revised version still calls the action a “civil union,” but describes it as a contractual agreement. It also omits a line that said couples in a civil union would be recognized as “married” and another calling them “spouses.”

The state has no plans to intervene at this point:

The Attorney General’s Office told the Associated Press that Horne was fine with the revised ordinance and would not legally challenge it. Horne had said he was concerned with language in the original ordinance that appeared to grant couples rights related to inheritance, property ownership, guardianship, insurance and adoption. The state, not cities or counties, has jurisdiction over those areas of law.

Yes, it’s not marriage equality, or even statewide civil unions, but if it gets the ball rolling… and in the meantime, Tucson is considering a similar ordinance.

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